A Truck (or Trailer) For Every Taste In Austin

One of the most unique aspects of life in Austin is the culture that has sprung up around businesses based out of trucks, trailers and even shipping containers. What started a few years ago with an increase in the number of food trucks has now expanded into the areas of fashion, art and even personal services. While food oriented services still dominate, the number of intrepid business owners striking out with businesses that go beyond food is growing. For the intrepid consumer all of this means that there are plenty of interesting experiences to explore all over town. In fact, heading to the many cool places where these trucks, trailers, etc. reside is half the fun. 

The truth is there are so many trucks rolling around out there it's impossible for me to give you a full picture of the landscape. But what I can do is give you a window into some of the interesting ones that I have discovered and point you in the direction of some spots where you can definitely find them. So enjoy the galleries below.

In this first gallery I highlight the non-food trucks that I've come across including Gypsetter Traveling Boutique, Pink & Silver Fashion, The Show on the Road and Rickshaw Boots.

As far as food trucks go you can find them all over Austin and I'm going to highlight a few spots where you can enjoy what they have to offer. First up is South Lamar Blvd., which is home to Picnik, Lone Star BBQ, South Austin Sno and more.

There's a stretch along South 1st St. just south of downtown Austin that features a number of opportunities to enjoy food truck fare, including the South Austin Trailer Park and Eatery, and the South First Food Court.

As Austin's east side picks up in activity I'm certain that food truck activity will pick up as well. For now there are still some very good spots where you can find them. Two that I highlight in the gallery below are the South Shore Eatery on E. Riverside Dr. and the Juiceland Flea 4 All on E. 11st. South Shore features a few trucks including Rockaway Beach ATX and Churro Co. The Flea 4 All (second Wednesday of every month) hosts a variety of food trucks including some of the non-food ones that highlighted earlier in this post.

If you've come this far in the post then you're probably thinking, "Damn, there are a lot of these trucks rolling around Austin!" You'd be right to think that, but there's plenty more to share. For now I'll share another spot where you can enjoy some truck action and that's Trailer Food Tuesday's at The Long Center for the performing arts on the south shore of Lady Bird Lake. Trailer Food Tuesday is a summer only (June-August) event and the last one of 2015 is coming up on August 5, In addition to the trucks there's live music, lots of great people watching and an awesome view of downtown Austin as you'll see in the gallery below.

As much info as I've packed into this post there's still so much more to experience in Austin when it comes to trucks, trailers, etc. So I urge you to head out and explore for yourself. I have more to share and more exploring to do so you can bet that I'll be creating further posts highlighting the new and interesting stuff that I find. Until then I hope you enjoy your explorations in and around Austin.