Castle Hill Graffiti Park

If you make your way to Baylor St. (one block west of North Lamar) between 10th and 11th streets you will find not only one of the most interesting places in Austin, but one of the the most interesting places anywhere. I know, I know. That's a pretty heavy claim to make but when you go there I believe that you;ll see what I mean. The place I'm referring to is the Castle Hill Graffiti Park, also known as Hope Outdoor Gallery.

You'll hear locals in the simply refer to the place as Castle Hill but no matter what you call it Castle Hill is an amazing place. First off the name comes from the fact that it's a) on the side of a steep hill; and b) at the top is a building that has a turret like you'd see on a castle. As the story goes years ago there was once a condominium building on the site but (for some reason) the city required the developer to tear down the building. What was left was the remnants of the concrete foundation in the side of the hill. Local graffiti artists found this large amount of exposed concrete way too tempting to pass up. So they started tagging and doing murals at the site.

This is the point in story where you usually hear that the property owners decided to put up significant barriers to stop the incursions onto their property. But this is Austin and that means that you can expect the pleasantly unexpected. Instead the owners encouraged people to create what they wanted at the site and eventually partnered with The Hope Campaign to formalize Castle Hill as an outdoor gallery and artistic space. So what will you see at Castle Hill? Of course I give you a wonderful taste of what to expect in the gallery below. 

As you can see Castle Hill is an amazing place. I defintely rank it among must see Austin places. So do make it a point to get over there. In fact, that's something I find myself telling locals who have either never been there or never heard of it. I also shot a bit of video at Castle Hill recently that I'm happy to share with you below. And if you have questions about Castle Hill or want to see more from there please feel free to hit me up on the contact page.