The Enchanted World Of Fairy Alley

One of the great things about getting out there and capturing moments around Austin is that the more I go out, the more people I meet and those people will recommend things for me to go see. That's how I found out about the subject of this post, a place called Fairy Alley. Fairy Alley is actually an alley but it's definitely not your run of the mill alley. It has the air of an enchanted place.

Fairy Alley is can be found on the south side of Treadwell Street off South Lamar Blvd. and directly behind Alamo Draft House. Upon arrival you will see a narrow alley with a painted wooden fence on one side, a lush canopy of trees strung with lights and adorned with some paper lanterns, and the surface of the alleyway painted with an inviting mural. I recommend walking the alley slowly as there are lots of little treats that catch the eye as you look around.

If you'd like to see a little more of Fairy Alley before heading out to see it for yourself then fear not because I shot a couple of minutes of video that you can enjoy below.