The Scene On Sixth Street

Many people I meet who have never been to Austin before ask me about Sixth Street, a place well known as an avenue of good times in Downtown Austin. My best answer to those people is that it's a place that you should definitely check out and decide for yourself whether it's your scene or not. I'll go so far to say that it's a must see area of Austin but how long you stay there is totally up to you. 

For those of you who aren't familiar with Sixth Street I'll say that it's to Austin what Bourbon Street is to New Orleans. People go there to have fun and experience an area that is literally packed with bars, night clubs, restaurants, souvenir shops, tattoo parlors, street vendors and more. The area where all the action occurs is bordered by Congress Avenue on the west side and Interstate 35 on the east side.

Personally I prefer Sixth Street to Bourbon Street because sixth is wider and the barkers for the various night spots are far less aggressive. During some events Sixth Street is closed off to traffic, making it one big pedestrian mall. All of this means the area is less claustrophobic and more inviting for those who like to explore at their own pace. 

As you can see the scene on Sixth Street is quite eclectic and worth checking out. If it is your scene then so much the better. If it's not your scene then lucky for you Austin's nightlife scene has greatly expanded in the last decade to the point where there are plenty of other options in walking distance of sixth. I will definitely explore those options in later posts.

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