Enjoying Live Music At Saxon Pub

Austin is full of places where you can see live music so people who are new to town often ask, "Where do I start?" More often than not my answer is Saxon Pub at 1320 South Lamar Blvd. I've given some thought as to why I consistently recommend Saxon as a first stop and have come to the following conclusions.

  1. Saxon features feature several different, quality performers every night of the week.
  2. Saxon is a no-frills place where almost anyone can fit in right away.
  3. In a town where drinks seem to be getting ever expensive Saxon is downright reasonable.
  4. I love a place that has a vaulted ceiling and exposed beams.

In addition to my feelings about the place Saxon has earned it's stripes as a classic Austin music venue due to its longevity on the scene. This year Saxon celebrated their 25th anniversary, which is a truly amazing achievement in a town where so much has changed during that time.

Rather than gush on about why I think Saxon is so great I'll share with you some of my favorite photos from a recent visit to the place.

From time to time I hear people grumble about the fact that, except for their free happy hour shows, Saxon typically charges a $5-$10 cover. That shouldn't bother you. The cover charge goes directly to the musicians and the quality of what you'll hear is always worth the fee.

I want you to get a taste of the type of performance that you may see at Saxon so take a couple of minutes to watch Guy Forsyth in action below.

Hopefully this post has given you a satisfying taste of one my favorite Austin place. If your hungry for more check out my off site gallery which has some good shots from a recent night of music there.